Monday, March 29, 2010

So I'm baaacckkk!!!

The asshole blogger from "lousy Korea" blog thought he got rid of me. Uh uh. nope! I'm back and ready as before to counter attack this moronic fat lipped sambo. It's such a hypocrisy of to shut down my blog, when in fact, lousy Korea (I will call him "louse in Korea" from now on) says racial epithet against Koreans such as "gooks" and "chinks" (that dumbass can't tell the difference between Koreans and Chinese. I will be sending a stern message to to protest what they've done to me, and what they've NOT done to that dweeb living in Korea. Or wherever this negro she-boon lives on this planet (eck! I can't fathom living on the same planet as this chimp).

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