Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lousy Korea blog NO MORE!!! hahahahaha!!!

I found out recently that Lousy Korea's blog is GONE! GONE FOR GOOD!!! That stupid nonsense piece of shit living in Korea, making money off of my fellow Koraens, and talking shit about our people and country is planning on leaving Korea for S America! Probably "bound for Chile." As her other alter-ego username states. She has posted vile and racist remarks against Koreans and her co-workers. It's funny how foreigners such as rum dumb diary don't chastize lousy Korea bitch for her hateful blog against Koreans. She constantly referred to Koreans as "painted clown monkey faces" and you have these lefty liberal anti-Asian pieces of shit saying that her blog was "freedom of speech"? What kind of brains do these esl losers have? Probably a decayed brain from being raised in racist America where hate crimes against Asians are tolerated, and racist remarks against Asians are tolerated. Anyhow, good riddance to lousy Korea! Hahahahahahaha!!! I hope she pulls the same shit in S America, and see if she doesn't get the same kind of treatment like she did in Korea.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My first response to the "crab louse" in Korea

I have a new name for the jigaboo feral-minded coon teaching so called "engrish and shiet" in Korea. His name is "louse in Korea" because jigaboos have 100s of lice species living in their kinky stinky hair lair! LOL!

This is what this piece of shit had to say about Koreans.


((louse in Korea wrote:
Anonymous is misguided and probably mildly retarded. Korea is desperate for my sorry little whiny ass to be in their country.))

No country on this planet is desperate for your sorry coon feral stinky shit ass. I am guessing that you're bitter and fucking illiterate, which is why you couldn't make ends meet here in the US, so you have to pose as a female like a fag-nig (faggot+nigger) and make nasty blogs about Korea. Obvious you're that coon blackshitskincoon in Korea, who recently got deported back to Cleveland or Cincinnati, or wherever the fuck you're from.

((coon boy wrote:
In fact, Korea is so desperate that they have decided that any sorry little whiny ass with a diploma and a passport from a handful of English speaking countries and who are not child abusers are invited to work here. Blonde haired beauties are encouraged, but this country will take anyone. Don't believe me? Just check out the requirements of all of the job offers on Dave's. ))

Again, you give it away that you're a bitter ass niggah that you'r stinky kinky hair with 100s of crab lice species will not get you any "respect and shiet" while living in Korea. You EARN your respect. Unfortunately, you're staying in Korea because you need the crack "mohneh" to send back to your baby momma back here in the states to take care of your crack baby. Feel bad that Korea has to hire a crack abuser like you to teach English. I am betting my left nut that you teach English in a Korean mental institute. Hahahhahahahah!!!

((crab lice wrote:
I hold passports from two English speaking countries. I also graduated from a shitty university. I'm a lucky cunt.))

First of all, you ARE a cunt. A stinky cunt with niggah puss oozing out from it! Second, there is no fucking way you can hold two seperate citizenship from two different "English speaking" countries. You're full of shit, niggah, please! LOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!

Let me guess here crab louse in Korea. Your shitty university you've graduated from is either Howard, spellman college or Tuskegee University, am I right?!!!! Hahahahahahahhahahahaha!!! One thing for sure. Your HSBC crap college really got you a good paying job in Korea. LOOOL!!!

((crab nigga louse wrote:
I don't hate Korea. I just think it's 1 of the 2 countries on this peninsula that is pretty fucking lousy. True, the Korea I reside in doesn't hold a lousy candle to the one overseen by a Mr. Kim Jong-Il, but that doesn't prevent me from holding the opinion that this is still a lousy fucking country.))

The only candle you hold is the one you shove up your tight stinky feral niggah ass every night. Trying to emulate blackniggahshitskin mike fucking you in the ass! And I know you have gay fantasies of sleeping with Kim Jong-Il. He's short enough to suck on your dirty, puss-oozing niggah feral she-boon cock!

((crab nigga louse wrote:
Koreans can't help themselves. They are a bunch of Painted Clown Monkeys stuck in their Cult of Victimhood.))

The only victimhood animals that I know of living off welfare here in the US are mainly you niggers. Filthy lazy fat-lipped mutha fucking fly-attracting pieces of shit that God created.

WTF is painted clown monkey? THe only human race close to monkies is fucking mandingo niggah's like your feral mom, dad (if he still exists with your mom) and siblings.

You only can paint your monkey face with watermelon juice after digging your coon lice-infested head into a rind of watermelong.

((crab louse in Korea wrote:
They are pretty upset right now because even the seasons are against them.))

More like the summer and hot seasons are against your coon jigaboo relatives living in Africa at this time of the year. Sucks that niggahs live in arid, dry unfertile africa. Oh wait a minute, aren't Asian countries such as Korea, China and Japan contributing to the economy of africa by helping them build buildings, houses and employ your fat-lipped feral relatives across the atlantic ocean? Hahaha! THe last laugh is on you, niggah! Now shut up and pick some cotton.


Oh, and here's a nice link to a cartoon of your whole family living in one lazytown!!

It's called "Scrub me Mama" and that looks like niggamike and louse in Korea's mom!

^^ LOOOOLLL!!!! Look at aunt jemima and louse in Korea dance to a chick walking off a boat!

So I'm baaacckkk!!!

The asshole blogger from "lousy Korea" blog thought he got rid of me. Uh uh. nope! I'm back and ready as before to counter attack this moronic fat lipped sambo. It's such a hypocrisy of to shut down my blog, when in fact, lousy Korea (I will call him "louse in Korea" from now on) says racial epithet against Koreans such as "gooks" and "chinks" (that dumbass can't tell the difference between Koreans and Chinese. I will be sending a stern message to to protest what they've done to me, and what they've NOT done to that dweeb living in Korea. Or wherever this negro she-boon lives on this planet (eck! I can't fathom living on the same planet as this chimp).