Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lousy Korea blog NO MORE!!! hahahahaha!!!

I found out recently that Lousy Korea's blog is GONE! GONE FOR GOOD!!! That stupid nonsense piece of shit living in Korea, making money off of my fellow Koraens, and talking shit about our people and country is planning on leaving Korea for S America! Probably "bound for Chile." As her other alter-ego username states. She has posted vile and racist remarks against Koreans and her co-workers. It's funny how foreigners such as rum dumb diary don't chastize lousy Korea bitch for her hateful blog against Koreans. She constantly referred to Koreans as "painted clown monkey faces" and you have these lefty liberal anti-Asian pieces of shit saying that her blog was "freedom of speech"? What kind of brains do these esl losers have? Probably a decayed brain from being raised in racist America where hate crimes against Asians are tolerated, and racist remarks against Asians are tolerated. Anyhow, good riddance to lousy Korea! Hahahahahahaha!!! I hope she pulls the same shit in S America, and see if she doesn't get the same kind of treatment like she did in Korea.

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